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In 2019, after several years as a sole proprietor in private practice, Courtney founded Atlanta Therapeutic Collective with the mission to provide quality mental health services and sex therapy to the community while also providing emerging professionals a place to advance their skills. Courtney still sees private clients while supervising and directing the work of the associates and interns.


Ariyanna White, LCSW

Sex & Body Image Therapist

Ariyanna earned her Master's of Social Work from Kennesaw State University, and she is a licensed master social worker. She is passionate about working with individuals and couples (including non-traditional relationship structures) who identify as black, a person of color,  or a member of the LGBTQIA+ community...

emma headshot.PNG

Emma provides cultural centered sex therapy for individuals and couples striving to cultivate powerful pleasure centered relationships. Emma’s client are often frustrated, lost, confused and at their breaking point in their sexual relationships. They have shame or guilt regarding some aspect of their sexuality. They question their sexuality...

Emma Frazier LAPC,


Sex & Trauma Therapist

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Stella provides sex and relationship therapy to clients from diverse backgrounds experiencing sexual conflict. She often works with clients experiencing pelvic pain leading to painful sex.​

Stella connects with clients to uncover opportunities for growth and development, find meaning, and reshape their perspectives to help strengthentheir sense of well-being... 

Sex & Relationship Therapist

Stella Harney, LAMFT

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