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Papaya Party


Papaya Parties are the classy version of "old school" sex toy parties! Papaya Parties allow you to have fun while learning about sexual health and pleasure with a trained sexual health professional! 

We are still offering Papaya Parties during COVID-19! Here are your options:


In-Person Papaya Party:
For in-person PPs, we ask that parties are limited to 10 people in total. We are still restricting at home parties unless if there is a large outdoor space that can accommodate social distancing. We may ask that all guests wear masks to limit exposure to the toys. We are also happy to meet you and your guests at a public outdoor area with the same limit of 10 guests total. While the Papaya Party educators are present, we ask that food not be consumed for safety measures.


Virtual Papaya Party: in-person PP? Not located in the Atlanta area?

Let's have a virtual party! Virtual parties are great as guests get the same information AND can have a Papaya Party Educator assist them in purchasing toys the night of! Your Papaya Party will be hosted through an encrypted Zoom platform and guests who want to purchase will be put into a breakout room with an educator to order in private.

A trained sexual health professional, such as a sex therapist or sex educator, will arrive at your party with the knowledge to share and educate AND products for demo purposes only.

Participants will have the chance to touch, smell, and taste products all while learning about the products. 

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